Webinar: Using Evaluation for Improvement: Assessing and Building Capacity

Webinar: Using Evaluation for Improvement: Assessing and Building Capacity.

Evidence gathered through APPR should be used to inform professional development offerings, assist in more closely examining the impact of professional development on teaching and learning. Schools can use information gained through classroom observations and analysis of student work to determining the application of knowledge and skills gained by participation in professional development and the impact on student performance.

This webinar is a part of the series of sessions scheduled over the course of the year to support those participating in the STLE-Dissemination Grant: Principal Leadership (STLE-D) program as they work to enhance the implementation of their APPR system.

Tools, resources, and concrete examples were provided to help districts move past the traditional post-professional development perception surveys and move to a deep analysis of the impact of professional development efforts on teaching and learning. 

Grantees shared the ways they are utilizing the following strategies aligned with Tom Guskey’s Levels of Professional Development evaluation as they disseminate best practices and work on the prioritized improvements for their evaluation systems.

  • First consider the student learning outcomes that you want to achieve (Level 5).
  • Then using data gathered through APPR determine what instructional practices and policies will most effectively and efficiently produce those outcomes (Level 4).
  • Next, consider what aspects of organization support need to be in place for those practices and policies to be implemented (Level 3).
  • Then, decide what knowledge and skills educators must have to implement the prescribed practices and policies (Level 2).
  • Finally, consider what set of experiences will enable participants to acquire the needed knowledge and skills (Level 1).

Additional resources that may be used in conjunction with this webinar are as follows: