Webinar: Sustaining the Reach of Our Most Effective Educators

Teacher in library

The Office of Teacher and Leader Effectiveness, Policy and Programs, is committed to promoting the extended influence of our most effective educators through the sharing of best practice and research-based initiatives with and across our grantees.  This webinar includes information from two local grantees as they share their experiences in working towards sustainability of initiatives post-grant period while also highlighting models, experiences, and reflections from those involved in extending the reach of effective educators across the nation.

Participants were encouraged to consider the following questions prior to attending the webinar:

  • What roles and responsibilities do you currently have established and/or are considering for your most effective teachers and principals?
  • What modifications have you made to your programs and/or staffing structures to extend the reach of your most effective teachers and principals?
  • What types of funding are you using and/or have considered in order to sustain these initiatives?

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