Text List for P-12 ELA

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The Text List for Grades P-2:  The Prekindergarten texts are required for the implementation of the curriculum.  Any text listed in grades K-2, however, is supplemental and not required for the implementation of the Core Knowledge New York Addition.  Located within each Listening and Learning Domain is an additional list of recommended texts that scaffold and support the curriculum but are not critical for purchase. 

The Text List for Grades 3-8 and The Text List for Grades 9-12 contain the texts recommended for use in the ELA curriculum modules on EngageNY. These documents are in Excel format and can be filtered by Grade, Module/Domain, Title and Author. Where applicable, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) has included purchase information and online location for public domain texts. In instances where published links to copyrighted texts are provided, they are to be used for previewing and planning purposes only and not for reproduction in an instructional context.

These documents can inform curriculum purchasing decisions and will be periodically updated as the modules are posted.  In addition, while the central texts for modules will not change, it is possible that the way these texts are used may be revised.  Instances where texts repeat at different grade levels are intentional, as texts can serve different functions in different grades.

The texts for the ELA modules are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Grade level text complexity
  • A balance of fiction and non-fiction
  • A balance of gender and a diversity of voices representing a spectrum of cultures, perspectives, orientations, races, ages, time-periods, and geographies
  • Appropriate matches for mastery of individual and collective standards
  • Age and grade appropriate content:  if a text includes content that may be deemed inappropriate, we have excerpted the text so that students might still read and analyze it.  In the circumstances where we have included content that might be experienced as objectionable,  we have included an explanation of our choice as well as language teachers might choose to include around this text in the classroom.   
  • Authentic reading material, including published works that are typically encountered by students in daily life, such as in magazines, books or newspapers. The use of authentic reading material (as opposed to reading material created for instructional / assessment purposes only) may mean that some material is emotionally charged or may use language outside of a student's particular cultural experience.

For district and school purchasing decisions, it is important to note that texts marked with a * are either excerpts of larger works or short works of fiction or non-fiction for which we are seeking permissions to reproduce and embed within the curriculum. It is not necessary to purchase these texts. In cases where we are not able to secure permissions for the texts with asterisks, they may be replaced with other texts that can adequately serve a similar content function in the module. NYSED encourages educators and school districts to seek out the best prices when purchasing texts for these modules. NYSED is a non-endorsing state; we do not recommend specific publishing companies for purchase.

As always, curricular decisions - including the use of the texts in this list - are made at the local level.

NYSED also recommends that districts and schools consult with Librarians and Library Media Specialists for texts that can support the modules at each grade level.

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