Task by Task SED Monitoring APPR Portal Guidance Document (APPR §3012-d)

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The Task by Task SED Monitoring APPR Portal Guidance Document (APPR §3012-d) was created to be used as a guide for the field, specifically tailored and organized for completing an APPR plan process under Education Law §3012-d in the SED Monitoring APPR portal. The goal of document is to make relevant answers to common questions more accessible while districts and BOCES review and submit their APPR plans.

The Task by Task SED Monitoring APPR Portal Guidance Document (APPR §3012-d) is divided into twelve separate sections that mirror each of the tasks in the SED Monitoring APPR portal. Each section begins with an overview of the task and a specific question related to the changes within the new Review Room portal. From there, questions are categorized by subtasks within each section, providing brief answers to guide districts and BOCES in the submission of their APPR plan.

Additional guidance and supporting materials related to Education Law §3012-d can be found here.

Specific questions related to Education Law §3012-d or the submission of APPR plans can be sent to: educatoreval@nysed.gov

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