Student Learning Objectives Webinar Series I (2011-12)

Two teachers in library

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is committed to providing district leaders support as they implement Student Learning Objectives (SLOs). Beginning in mid-December 2011 and running through the end of March 2012, NYSED hosted a series of introductory webinars. Each webinar introduced components of the SLO process that helped district leaders to communicate and begin the implementation process with stakeholders.

Student Learning Objective Webinar I
The first webinar provides viewers with the following information:

  • the background and basics of SLOs;
  • the relationship between SLOs, the Common Core State Standards, Data Driven Instruction, evidence-based observations, and local measures of student achievement; and
  • the difference between the state/district/school/teacher’s role within the SLO process.

Student Learning Objective Webinar II
The second webinar provides viewers with the following information:

  1. 1The role Common Core plays in SLOs.
  2. Key messages for SLOs.
  3. The timeline for 5 key district-level SLO decisions.
  4. Tools for district leaders to make the first 3 of their 5 key SLO decisions:
  • Assess and identify district-specific academic priorities and needs.
  • Identify who will have State-provided growth measures and who must have SLOs as “comparable growth measures.”
  • Determine district rules for how specific SLOs will get set.