Student Learning Objectives

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These important resources will be helpful to district leaders as they implement a critical component of the new teacher evaluation system. The Overview of Student Learning Objectives (SLOs), Student Learning Objective (SLO) Guidance Document, Student Learning Objective (SLO) Road Map and a series of introductory webinars explain how New York State will assess the student learning growth of students in classrooms where there is no State assessment that can be used for a State-provided growth or value-added measure (sometimes called “non-tested subjects”).

Overview of Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)

The Overview of Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) provides readers with an explanation of SLOs and the integral role they play in the New York State Teacher and Principal Evaluation system. Critical points of local decision-making are briefly explored through hypothetical classroom contexts.

SLO Template and Exemplars

The SLO template is the statewide form for teachers to use for writing their SLO(s). SLO exemplars from New York State teachers are also available below and were chosen for their rigor and clear alignment of learning content, target and evidence.


SLO Webinar Series I (2011-12) (Videos)

SLO Webinar Series II (2012-13) (Videos)

Resources to Support SLO Implementation from the RSN SLO Work Group

  • Reform Support Network Student Learning Objectives Toolkit

    New York State is a part of a national Student Learning Objectives (SLO) Work Group led by the Race to the Top Support Network. The SLO Work Group recently developed a toolkit to support high quality implementation of SLOs. The toolkit consists of a narrative document that outlines a four-stage quality control framework, describes how States and districts are addressing common challenges related to quality SLO implementation, and features links to templates, guidance documents and other tools. We encourage district leaders, educators, and evaluators to utilize the toolkit as they implement SLOs. Future tools created by the RSN work group will be posted here as they become available.

  • Draft Multi-State SLO Rubric

    Evaluators and educators are encouraged to use this rubric to measure the quality of the information provided by educators on the NYS SLO Template. Please view the webinar "SLO 102 for Teachers" to see how to use the rubric with a sample SLO. This draft rubric was developed by a national SLO Work Group convened by the Reform Support Network (RSN) that includes representatives from many of the Race to the Top States, including New York State. The goal of the effort was to produce a rubric that multiple states can use to evaluate the quality of SLOs. The group examined a wide range of rubrics from school districts and states across the country, looking for strengths and weaknesses, similarities and differences. The rubric that resulted from the efforts of the group uses one performance level -- meets expectations -- as the decision was made that an SLO should not be approved if it does not meet the expectations set forth in the rubric.

Student Learning Objective (SLO) Guidance Document

Student Learning Objective (SLO) Road Map

Student Learning Objective Road Map for English as a Second Language and Bilingual Education Teachers

New York State Student Learning Objective Template

New York State Evaluation Plans Guidance Memo (the “Purple” memo)

Assessment Options for SLOs: Reference Guide - In this reference guide you will find a detailed list of NYSED’s assessment requirements and options for teachers who have SLOs for State growth.

Required SLOs Reference Guide - In this reference guide you will find a detailed list of NYSED’s rules for teachers who have SLOs for State growth.

Assessment Decision Chart for Growth and Locally Selected Measures - This is a template for districts to use as they map out the assessments they wish to use for State growth and locally selected measures. The spreadsheet is separated into two tabs for growth and local.