Resources from the Engage-Envision-Elevate: From Initiatives to Systems Convening

Teacher and students

As we reflect on the Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (STLE) grant, it is clear that we have collectively engaged in work that has challenged and enhanced our thinking and approaches. Most importantly, this work changed how we address the needs of our students and educators. The Office of Teacher and Leader Effectiveness strives to facilitate the creation of communities of practice, knowing that for many, the best way to address challenges is with the assistance of others engaged in similar work. To that end, this toolkit is a compilation of information, tools, and tips shared at the July 2014 Convening, “Engage-Envision-Elevate: From Initiatives to Systems.” This toolkit contains work from national experts, districts across the nation engaging in similar work, and most importantly tools and resources from our local districts.

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Video: Perspectives from STLE Grantees: What Is a Teacher Leader?
Watch and listen to see how educators across New York State define teacher leadership.

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