Reading Closely for Textual Details Units – CCSS ELA / Literacy – Grades 6-12

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These English Language Arts /Literacy Units empower students with a critical reading and writing skill at the heart of the Common Core: Reading complex texts closely to analyze textual details and deepen understanding.


Part 1. Understanding Close Reading: Students learn what it means to read a text closely by attending to and analyzing textual details. Students analyze visual-based texts.

Part 2. Questioning Texts: Students learn to use questions to guide their approach to, reading, and deeper analysis of texts. Students read and analyze informational texts.

Part 3. Analyzing Details: Students learn to analyze textual detail as a key to discovering meaning. Students read, analyze, and compare texts.

Part 4. Explaining Understanding: Students learn how to summarize and explain what they have learned from their reading, questioning, and analysis of texts. Students read and analyze three related texts.

Part 5. Discussing Ideas: Students learn the characteristics of an effective text-based discussion and demonstrate skills in leading and participating in one.

These units are part of the Developing Core Proficiencies Program.

UNIT 1: Reading Closely for Textual Details Units – CCSS ELA / Literacy

Grade 6 Unit: "The Wolf You Feed"

Grade 7 Unit: "At the Pole"

Grade 8 Unit: “We Had to Learn English”

Grades 9-10 Unit: “Brain Gain”

Grades 11-12 Unit: “Promised Land”

Grades 11-12 Unit: “Lay Down All My Joys”

Grade 12 Unit: “Life Steps Almost Straight”

Shared Files for Grades 6-12 - See grade level unit pages above for unit plans and texts

Guiding Questions Handout
Reading Closely Checklist
TCD Checklist

Questioning Texts
Analyzing Details

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