Precalculus and Advanced Topics, Module 5, Topic C Overview

Student Working Hard

Topic C is a capstone topic for this module, where students use what they have learned about probability and expected value to analyze strategies and make decisions in a variety of contexts (S.MD.B.5a, S.MD.B.5b, S.MD.B.6, S.MD.B.7). Students use probabilities to make a fair decision and explain how to make fair an “unfair” decision. Students analyze simple games of chance as they calculate and interpret the expected pay off in context. They make decisions based on expected values in problems with business, medical, and other contexts. They also examine and interpret what it means for a game to be fair. Interpretation and explanations of expected values are important outcomes for Topic C.

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Common Core Learning Standards

CCLS State Standard
S.MD.5.a Find the expected payoff for a game of chance. For example, find the expected winnings from a state...
S.MD.5.b Evaluate and compare strategies on the basis of expected values. For example, compare a high-...
S.MD.6 (+) Use probabilities to make fair decisions (e.g., drawing by lots, using a random number...

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