November 2013 NTI: Grades K-2 ELA Turnkey Kit - Session 4

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Session 4

Teacher-child interactions and supporting all learners


Participants will consider how to support all children’s ability to access complex text during the Listening and Learning read aloud. Teachers will examine ways that the supplemental guide and teacher anthology offer options and exemplars for individualizing instruction by varying the level of support and demand within the teacher-child interactions that occur during a lesson. Aspects of teacher-child interactions that will be examined closing include: Pacing, Supports to active listening, Scaffolds to verbal participation, and Modeling/Consistency.

The handouts for this session are packaged as a zip file. When downloading the .zip file, you will be downloading the following handouts:

  1. Treasure Hunt
  2. Supplemental Guide Packet (includes)
  • SupplementalGuideK_Iusemytonguetotaste
  • SupplementalGuideG1_BalanceDiet
  • SupplementalGuideG2_SilkRoads

Resources Required

Presentation: Teacher-Child Interactions: Supporting All Learners PPT

Facilitator's Guide: Teacher-Child Interactions: Supporting All Learners FG

Handout: Teacher-Child Interactions: Supporting All Learners

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