New York State K-12 Social Studies Framework

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The New York State K-12 Social Studies Framework is designed to prepare students for college, careers, and civic life with courses that are rigorous and aligned to New York State Learning Standards. This Framework integrates existing New York State Learning Standards and the New York State Core Curriculum for Social Studies into a single, three-part document. It is intended to serve as a guide for local districts in developing their Social Studies curricula. Social Studies practices are identified, as well as the key ideas, conceptual understandings, and content specifications.

The Content Advisory Panel (CAP), a diverse group of New York K–12 and Higher Education educators from across New York State, has played an integral role in redefining Social Studies and in the development of the Framework. The Framework was presented to the Board of Regents in March 2014 and was approved by the Board of Regents in April 2014.

In light of continued input and feedback since the Board’s approval, edits and minor changes have been made. In March 2016 the Framework was revised in grades 4, 5, 7, and 8. The edits and changes have been noted in the document titled "March 2016 Revisions to K-8 Social Studies Framework" (see Downloadable Resources below).

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Updated March 4, 2016