New York State K-12 Social Studies Field Guide

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The Field Guide is another step in the process of equipping districts and teachers to make local curriculum decisions in Social Studies. The members of the Content Advisory Panel, as well as members of the Professional Standards & Practices Board for Teaching, have reviewed the field guide and made suggestions that have been incorporated into this version.

The implementation of the Framework entails important shifts in instructional practices. This Field Guide presents these shifts with explanations and includes an example unit. While it is not the only way that this particular unit might be designed, the essential elements of the Framework are included in its design. This unit is presented as guidance to the field, and it is not intended to be prescriptive or required.

The purpose and function of this unit is to serve as a model for ALL teachers as they make decisions regarding teaching and learning at ALL grade levels. For example, the Grade 8 Reconstruction Key Idea might be taught in Grade 7, so this unit can be considered by Grade 7 or Grade 8 teachers. This example unit is NOT intended to be used as the only unit to address the Reconstruction Key Idea and Conceptual Understanding from the Grade 8 course of study. It is intended to show teachers and curriculum developers how they can design instructional plans through the use of the New York State K–12 Social Studies Framework and the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework published by the National Council for the Social Studies.

Over the course of the year, this example unit and other units like it will be reviewed, revised, and made available to offer guidance to teachers and districts.  This unit, as well as the entire Field Guide, is an iterative document that will be improved over time with feedback from the field.

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