July 2013 NTI: Grades 3-8 ELA Turnkey Kit - Session 3B

Group of Women Working

Session 3B

Supporting Module Implementation: Change


Examine how people experience change, and how change impacts the implementation of a new innovation such as the ELA curriculum modules. Leaders and coaches will leave the session with clear descriptions of the different stages all people experience when engaged in this type of adoption and ways to support teachers through the process. Teachers who have experienced changes in their practices this past year will recognize themselves and their needs on the change continuum and be more prepared to advocate for their needs. This session serves as foundation for implementation planning on Day 2.

Resources Required

Download the files below individually or download a zip of all Session 3B files

Fac Guide 3B Supporting Module Implementation-Leading Change

PPT Supporting Module Implementation-Leading Change

  1. Overview of CBAM
  2. CBAM Stages of Concern
  3. CBAM Levels of Use
  4. Donahue Middle CBAM Information
  5. PS 33 Elementary CBAM Personal
  6. Field Arts Academy CBAM Management
  7. Sample School Data
  8. Sample School Data Item Map
  9. Supporting Staff on the Change Continuum
  10. Participant Reflection Form 3B
  11. Highland Middle CBAM Consequence Collaboration