Guidelines for Graphing Calculator Use for Commencement-Level Mathematics

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Graphing calculators are instrumental in the teaching and learning of mathematics. The use of this technology should be integrated as an investigative tool at the commencement level. Students’ conceptual understanding of mathematics will be increased, and the connections between graphical and algebraic representation will be enhanced through targeted use of graphing calculators and other technological tools. Algebraic and analytical approaches (pencil and paper techniques) to solving problems should still be stressed.

For questions in which the graphing calculator can be used, students should be taught to show enough of their work so that their approach to problem solving can be easily followed. For students to be awarded the maximum points allowable for a particular constructed-response question, they must be able to communicate the method employed. Examples shown in the document illustrate what students should show when using a graphing calculator in order to be awarded the maximum points allowable on the scoring rubric for each constructed-response question. Please note that each example shown does not represent the only method that a student may use with his or her calculator to solve the problem.

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