Grade 7 Mathematics Module 2, Topic B, Overview

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Students develop the rules for multiplying and dividing signed numbers in Topic B.  They use the properties of operations and their previous understanding of multiplication as repeated addition to represent the multiplication of a negative number as repeated subtraction (7.NS.A.2a).  Students make analogies to the Integer Game to understand that the product of two negative numbers is a positive number.  From earlier grades, they recognize division as the inverse process of multiplication.  Thus, signed number rules for division are consistent with those for multiplication, provided a divisor is not zero (7.NS.A.2b).  Students represent the division of two integers as a fraction, extending product and quotient rules to all rational numbers.  They realize that any rational number in fractional form can be represented as a decimal that either terminates in 0s or repeats (7.NS.A.2d).  Students recognize that the context of a situation often determines the most appropriate form of a rational number, and they use long division, place value, and equivalent fractions to fluently convert between these fraction and decimal forms.  Topic B concludes with students multiplying and dividing rational numbers using the properties of operations (7.NS.A.2c). 

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Common Core Learning Standards

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7.NS.2 Apply and extend previous understandings of multiplication and division and of fractions to...

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