Grade 6 ELA Module 1, Unit 3

Students working on writing assignments.

This short unit is the culmination of the study of the hero’s journey in Unit 1 and the elements and themes of mythology in Unit 2. Students write their own “hero’s journey” narrative that follows the stages of the archetypal hero’s journey and contains elements and a theme of classic mythology. Students revisit the informational text “The Hero’s Journey” from Unit 1 and use this in the planning of their own narrative. This serves as scaffolding toward the Final Performance Task. For the mid-unit assessment, students write an expository paragraph in which they explain the ways in which their narrative follows the archetype. Students then engage in a series of writer’s craft lessons around narrative writing as they draft their narratives. As an end of unit assessment, students write their best independent drafts of their “My Hero’s Journey” narrative before they revise and publish it.

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