Grade 10 ELA Module 2, Unit 3, Lesson 6

Students studying

In this lesson students read paragraphs 7–20 of Yousafzai’s speech to the UN Youth Assembly to analyze how she uses these paragraphs to develop and refine ideas in this portion of the speech that were introduced in the first half of the speech. Students work in pairs before participating in a silent discussion.

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Common Core Learning Standards

CCLS State Standard
RI.9-10.5 Analyze in detail how an author’s ideas or claims are developed and refined by particular sentences...
W.9-10.9.b Apply grades 9–10 Reading standards to literary nonfiction (e.g., “Delineate and evaluate the...
L.9-10.4.a Use context (e.g., the overall meaning of a sentence, paragraph, or text; a word’s position or...

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