Designing Career Ladder Programs for Teachers and Principals


The key purpose of this webinar, presented by Dr. Julia Rafal-Baer and Aviva Baff, is to provide technical support and assistance to districts and schools across New York State regarding career ladders which are a fundamental component of the second round of the Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Grant (STLE 2). This webinar builds upon the important learning and experiences of the NYS Teacher Incentive Fund grantees – Syracuse and Rochester – who are now finishing up Year 3 of their 5 year TIF grant which involves the development of a district-wide career ladder.

Information presented in this webinar provides:

  • Assistance with designing a career ladder program
  • Examples of career ladder programs
  • Guidance with career ladder design
  • Communication strategies
  • Ways in which to create a sustaining career ladder program

Guidance and Sample Communication Plans

These communication plans are from the Center on Educator Compensation Reform, which compiled them for a document on communication planning for TIF programs, “Stakeholder Engagement and Communication Guide to Implementation: Resources for Applied Practice.

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