Common Core Resources for Parents of Students with Disabilities

parent helping child with school work

Many parents have asked questions about how New York State’s adoption of the Common Core Learning Standards will affect their children who have disabilities. Some of these questions arise from a lack of understanding of what the standards are; others from concern about how their own children are struggling with these new standards; others from concerns about how schools are providing needed supports for their children.

Working with the State’s Commissioner’s Advisory Panel for Special Education Services (of which the majority are parents of or individuals with disabilities) as well as with the State’s Special Education Parent Centers, we have developed resources that were designed to assist you and other parents of children with disabilities to have a better understanding of the Common Core Learning Standards and how the IEP should include recommendations to support your child to progress towards those standards. Additionally, these resources were designed to encourage high expectations for how teachers provide instruction to your child and how your child’s progress toward those standards is being monitored. These include:

Additional Resources: