College Board Alignment Study

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The following Common Core Alignment Study, completed by the College Board, is intended to be a resource for school districts as they begin to implement the new P-12 Common Core Learning Standards in English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics. These documents compare the new Common Core State Standards with New York State’s previous English Language Arts and Mathematics Standards–as presented in the ELA Core Curriculum (2005) and the Mathematics Core Curriculum (2005).

Although a comparison may serve useful in seeing the general areas of similarity/difference, the Department notes that the comparison of one set of standards to another is a subjective process and best used to illustrate large-scale changes in instructional and assessment focus.  An overview of the changes in instruction and assessment can be viewed at:

Additionally, using this alignment is most powerful after educators have reviewed and discussed the new P-12 Common Core Learning Standards; therefore, we highly suggest that practitioners review the Common Core Instructional Shifts, watch the Common Core Video Series, and carefully read the Standards themselves prior to reviewing the College Board Alignment Study.

Once educators are familiar with the Common Core Instructional Shifts and the new P-12 Common Core Learning Standards the alignment study could be used to provide clarity on:

  • the meaning of the different instructional shifts,
  • changes in the way content is conceptualized,
  • changes in scope and presentation of content,
  • possible new classroom resources needs.

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