August 2014 NTI: Grades 9-12 ELA Turnkey Kit - Session 5

Participants at July 2012 NTI

Session 5: Maintaining Momentum and Course Corrections: Understanding and communicating about student learning

120 Minutes

This session is for participants who have taught, presented on, or observed, at least one unit of the NY 9-12 ELA Curriculum Modules. Participants will learn strategies for maintaining momentum in the implementation of the modules. They will examine what they can learn about what students know and can do by looking closely at module assessments and use that understanding to strategize how to support learners who are struggling with this material.  Participants will submit, via a Google Form, topics/areas with which they would like support for instruction or observation. These topics will be used to frame discussion and select specific “course correction” strategies for teachers, coaches, or principals to apply.

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