August 2014 NTI: Grades 9-12 ELA Turnkey Kit

Participants at July 2011 NTI


Network Teams, Teachers and Coaches


This 9-12 ELA Network Team Institute is designed to support schools beginning to implement the CCSS and maintain the rigor required to help struggling students build critical skills.  Participants will learn both what CCSS aligned curriculum looks like and how to use that curriculum to deliver powerful instruction.  On Day One, participants will take a deep look at a curriculum module while they build an understanding of rigor and the CCSS.  The day will begin with the development of a shared understanding of rigor and the role curriculum and instruction play in creating a rigorous learning experience for all students through an examination of the key features and design principles of the NY 9-12 ELA curriculum modules.  Teams will then examine the notion of rigor more closely by learning how to determine who is shouldering the primary responsibility for the learning during a lesson, the teacher or the students. As they do so, they will begin to internalize a concept of instructional planning that prepares teachers to return that responsibility for thinking and learning to the students.  On Day Two, participants will take the understanding of rigor and curriculum and learn how to use both to design and adapt instruction.  Participants will learn a process for planning using an existing curriculum, and will practice that process with colleagues.  Later, teams will learn how to use student work to adapt their instruction so that all students receive the instruction they need to meet the standards.