Assessment 101: An Educator’s Guide to Quality Practices

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The New York State Education Department believes that effective assessment practices in the classroom lead to more accurate measures of student knowledge / skills and better understanding of next steps in instruction. This initiative aims to increase educators’ fluency in assessment, helping them to use varied types of assessment in their everyday work. The goal is to provide educators with the tools that they will need to create and use effective assessment strategies to improve their own practice and the experiences of their students.

Assessment Fluency is present when a person understands and uses the principles of effective assessment practice, with the ultimate goal of improving teaching and learning, in an educational context.

The purpose of this initiative is to:

Visitors who engage with Assessment 101 will better understand how well-designed assessments can help students continuously grow and achieve success toward college and career readiness.

  • Glossary of assessment terms
  • User survey
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