Action Plan for Enhancing Family Engagement


Purpose: This document is meant to guide your reflections upon your current family engagement strategies as well as help you strategically plan for the future. Please note that a portion of this document is meant to be utilized prior to attending the Webinar on Enhancing Family Engagement while the second portion of the document is meant to be used during the webinar. This dual structure is an opportunity for you to reflect on current practices and process what will been seen and/or heard throughout the webinar with the intention of districts being able to identify promising practice and strategically plan possible next steps for strengthening the home-school connection at the district, building, and/or classroom level.

Directions for Pre-Webinar Use: The reflective questions seen in the table below are meant to help you articulate the current status of family engagement strategies used within your district. Please take time prior to attending the webinar to reflect upon these questions. You may find it beneficial to examine these questions from a district, building, and classroom perspective, as there are often variations in method and results across these contexts. Having a clear picture of the efforts underway, in addition to the reflection upon the success of those initiatives, will allow you to more fully participate in the webinar with the goal of identifying further actions that could be taken to enhance family engagement.

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