Professional Development

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Professional Development Materials
Within the Professional Development Library you will find a wealth of materials to support professional development for all educators, from a teacher in a classroom to district-wide training for educators. These materials are a collection of resources from the video library and Network Team Institutes (NTI). All resources are available to any educator interested in accessing them. To find materials and toolkits relevant to the area you are teaching, navigate to the Professional Development Library and select your subject and grade from the filters on the left of the results page.

Professional Development at the District and School Level
The New York State Education Department's role is to set student learning expectations for what all students should know and be able to do as a result of skilled instruction. It is the responsibility of each local school district to develop curricula based on the New York State Learning Standards, select textbooks and instructional materials, develop pacing charts for learning (scope and sequence), and provide professional development to ensure that all students have access to instruction leading to attainment of these learning standards. With this in mind, teachers who are looking for training on how to implement EngageNY curriculum in their classroom should work directly with staff in their districts to determine what is available. 

In addition, within New York State, many Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) offer services to their schools and districts for professional development support. Please contact your local BOCES to see what they offer regarding training. You can locate your school, district, and BOCES contact information at the NYSED Data Access website.

Professional Development Training Providers
Some of our EngageNY Curriculum Partners provide professional development services for our curriculum. This could be one place to begin researching what training options are available for educators using EngageNY curriculum. In addition, there are other third party companies that provide professional development for educators. Talk to educators in your area to find out what is the best option for your school.