Professional Development and Network Teams

Commissioner King speaking at the July 2013 NTI

Welcome, Educators! 

Within the Professional Development Library you will find a wealth of materials to support professional development for all educators, from a teacher in a classroom to district-wide training. These materials are a collection of resources from the video library and Network Team Institutes (NTI). All resources are available to any educator interested in accessing them. To hear what school leaders have to say about NTI and the effects of Common Core in their districts check our Educator Reflection Video Series: NYS Principals in Year 3 of the Common Core.

About Network Teams

Network Teams and Network Team Equivalents (NTEs) are New York State's vehicle for implementing the reforms associated with Race to the Top and the Regents Reform Agenda. They are 3- to 15-person teams located around the state who work in close partnership with districts and schools to build the capacity of New York State educators around our school-based initiatives. Each school district in New York State can receive support from its Network Team or NTE to help implement the State's education reforms. 

New York State's vision and metrics for implementation are available in the CCSS, APPR and DDI Workbook for Network Teams/Network Team Equivalents.