Video Library

About the Videos

The video library is an innovative and differentiated resource that brings the Common Core instructional shifts, teacher and leadership evaluation, and data driven instruction to life. The instructional videos capture teaching and evaluation along a developmental arc and tag for characteristics like grade level, subject area, Common Core Standards, instructional shifts and for 2013-2014, teacher and leader evaluation rubric indicators. Videos range in length from short 5 minute clips to longer views of lessons up to 40 minutes. Use these instructional videos to support your professional development and to push your thinking around what effective teaching looks like in practice as well as to identify growing edges of the teachers in these videos.

These instructional videos are possible thanks to the brave, enthusiastic, and supportive New York school districts, administrators, teachers, and students who believe in the power of video to drive professional learning around the Common Core. They've welcomed coaches and a video team into their schools and classrooms because they are excited to share their experiences about Common Core implementation.