New York State Bilingual Common Core Initiative

Bilingual Education: Many Faces from Many Places

New York State Bilingual Common Core Initiative

Beginning in Spring 2012, NYSED launched the Bilingual Common Core Initiative to develop new English as a Second Language and Native Language Arts Standards aligned to the Common Core. As a result of this process, NYSED is developing New Language Arts Progressions (NLAP) and Home Language Arts Progressions (HLAP) for every NYS Common Core Learning Standard in every grade. The following documents explain NYSED's approach and provide samples of the work underway. These documents are being posted for public review and comment.

New Terminology!
New Language Arts Progressions Formerly English as a Second Language Learning Standards
Home Language Arts Progressions Formerly Native Language Arts Learning Standards
New Levels!
5 Levels of Language Progressions (Entering, Emerging, Transitioning, Expanding and Commanding) Formerly 4 Levels (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Proficient)
Why the Change?
Terminology is reflective of NYS’s multilingual student population and diverse ways in with languages are learned and taught in NYS. New levels align with research about stages of language and literacy development. See Theoretical Foundations document for more information.

Bilingual Common Core Progressions Public Comment: The public comment period is now closed. Public feedback received during the 1/4/13 through 2/4/13 public comment period is currently being reviewed and incorporated.

New Language Arts Progressions (NLAP) & Home Language Arts Progressions (HLAP) Samples
New Language Arts Progressions (NLAP) & Home Language Arts Progressions (HLAP) Samples posted in January 2013 can be downloaded here

Each of the grade level zipped materials includes a sampling of Progressions, including:

  • Reading for Literature Standard 3
  • Reading for Information Standard 4
  • Speaking and Listening Standard 4
  • Writing Standard 5
New Language Arts Progressions by Grade Home Language Arts Progressions by Grade
Prekindergarten New Language Prekindergarten Home Language
Kindergarten New Language Kindergarten Home Language
Grade 1 New Language Grade 1 Home Language
Grade 2 New Language Grade 2 Home Language
Grade 3 New Language Grade 3 Home Language
Grade 4 New Language Grade 4 Home Language
Grade 5 New Language Grade 5 Home Language
Grade 6 New Language Grade 6 Home Language
Grade 7 New Language Grade 7 Home Language
Grade 8 New Language Grade 8 Home Language
Grades 9-10 New Language Grades 9-10 Home Language
Grades 11-12 New Language Grades 11-12 Home Language
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Thursday, January 3, 2013