Kindergarten Mathematics Module 1

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Kindergarten Mathematics Module 1

Kindergarten Module 1: Numbers to 10
Curriculum in
A Story of Unit

Module 1 of the Kindergarten curriculum in A Story of Units.  In Topics A and B, classification activities allow students to analyze and observe their world and articulate their observations.  Reasoning and dialogue begin immediately.  In Topics C, D, E, and F, students order, count, and write up to ten objects to answer “how many?” questions from linear, to array, to circular, and finally to scattered configurations wherein they must devise a path through the objects as they count.  In Topics G and H, students use their understanding of relationships between numbers and know that each successive number name refers to a quantity that is one greater and that the number before is one less.

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Elementary Kindergarten
Math Counting and Cardinality Measurement & Data
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