Grade 5 Mathematics Module 2

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Grade 5 Mathematics Module 2

Grade 5 Module 2:  Multi-Digit Whole Number and Decimal Fraction Operations

In Module 2 students apply patterns of the base ten system  to mental strategies and a sequential study of multiplication via area diagrams and the distributive property leading to fluency with the standard algorithm.  Students move from whole numbers to multiplication with decimals, again using place value as a guide to reason and make estimations about products. Multiplication is explored as a method for expressing equivalent measures in both whole number and decimal forms.  A similar sequence for division begins concretely with number disks as an introduction to division with multi-digit divisors and leads student to divide multi-digit whole number and decimal dividends by two-digit divisors using a vertical written method.  In addition, students evaluate and write expressions, recording their calculations using the associative property and parentheses.  Students apply the work of the module to solve multi-step word problems using multi-digit multiplication and division with unknowns representing either the group size or number of groups.  An emphasis on the reasonableness of both products and quotients, interpretation of remainders and reasoning about the placement of decimals draws on skills learned throughout the module, including refining knowledge of place value, rounding, and estimation.

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Intermediate Grade 5
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