Grade 4 Mathematics

The focus areas of Grade 4 modules address:

Operations and Algebraic Thinking

  • Use the four operations with whole numbers to solve problems.

Number and Operations in Base Ten

  • Generalize place value understanding for multi‐digit whole numbers.
  • Use place value understanding and properties of operations to perform multi‐digit arithmetic.

Number and Operations – Fractions

  • Extend understanding of fraction equivalence and ordering.
  • Build fractions from unit fractions by applying and extending previous understandings of operations on whole numbers.
  • Understand decimal notation for fractions, and compare decimal fractions

Each curriculum module will consist of a high-level outline (curriculum map and module overview/assessment bundle) for instruction and a set of curriculum materials following that outline – including topic overviews, daily lesson plans, extensive problem sets, guiding questions, examples of proficient student work, and other materials. Curriculum modules are high-quality sets of materials for major, supporting and additional clusters in each grade and high school course, developed coherently with attention to progressions in the NYS P-12 CCLS for Mathematics.

The number of modules (between 4-7 per grade) and the time required (between 10 days to 45 days per module) will depend on the scope and difficulty of the mathematical content that is the focus of the module.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013