Grade 4 ELA Module 1, Unit 3


In the third unit, students will build on the themes from Unit 2’s Eagle Song. They will read and interpret data related to conflict and bullying in school, and study magazine articles related to bullying and conflict resolution. Students will discuss what is going well in their school as well as imagine how the learning environment might change if a document such as the Iroquois Constitution were put into place and upheld by all members of the school community. Working with a partner, students will reflect on the conflict resolution strategies they read about and develop a section for a constitution that would help to resolve the issues presented in the data. Students will revise their sections so that their writing can have a powerful impact on those who read or hear it. The class will then work together to combine their sections into a cohesive document. Then students will use the writing skills they have developed throughout the module to independently compose a paragraph explaining the purpose of their constitution. Finally, as an end of unit on-demand assessment, students will reread the data they initially studied and write a paragraph in which they explain how their class constitution will address one of these issues

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