Common Core Assessment Video Series

Video for Parents and Families about the Common Core Assessments

This video is about the Common Core Standards and the Grade 3-8 state assessments in English language arts and math. Please share this video with parents and families.

Common Core Assessment Video Series: How Do the Common Core Assessments Fit into our Children's Education?

In the end, part of what school is about is "learning how to learn." Students "learn how to learn" by building knowledge and skills and then applying their knowledge and skills to meet a particular challenge. If students are successful in that challenge, they can build to the next challenge. Or if students are unsuccessful, they need to figure out what to do differently to succeed.

Common Core Assessment Video Series: What Should Parents Know About the New Common Core Assessments?

One of the key anxieties about the new tests is that instruction has been reduced to preparing students for the tests. Unfortunately, rote standardized test preparation activities cause students to do less well on the exams, not better. Instead, good instruction means engaging students in reading and helping them understand the power of using words to convey ideas. It means showing students how math can apply in real-world situations.

Common Core Assessment Video Series: How Will the Common Core Assessments be Harder and What Will That Mean?

The Common Core Standards play a crucial role in helping us ensure that all of New York's students graduate from high school with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college and careers. The new Common Core state tests will reflect the Common Core Standards, so the tests will be more challenging. Students will be asked to read more difficult texts, to use evidence to support their arguments, and to perform multiple-step math problems.

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